Boiler Breakdown & Repairs

Boiler breakdown? Noisy boiler keeping you awake at night?

No problem – we’ll have you up and running in no time!

All boilers regardless of make, model or age can and may experience problems at some point.

When we come out to a boiler breakdown, we will carry out a diagnostic check to ascertain the problem. Sometimes the fix is straight forward and we can quote and fix on the day. If the fix is more involved or we need to order the part, we will provide a quote for you and let you know when we can return with the relevant part.

You are under no obligation to accept the quote and if you choose not to go ahead, we will simply invoice for our diagnostics fee.

We have over 35 years experience and can repair and service central heating systems and boilers of all makes, models and configurations.

Power Flushing

The most common signs that your heating system needs to be flushed through are;

  • Cold patches on your radiators
  • Boiler keeps breaking down and/or overheating
  • Your central heating takes longer to heat up than normal and may even fail to reach optimum working temperature
  • Boiler and/or heating system may become unusually noisy.

Power flushing is an effective, powerful method of cleaning the heating system and keeping things running efficiently.
Once your system is flushed, we will add inhibitor and refill the system. The inhibitor minimises the chemical reaction between the water and metal in the system reducing a build-up of rust.  We also recommend a Magnetic Filter is fitted to the system to catch any future build up of sludge (rust/ magnetite).

Please ask us to quote for your power flush.